Hi, I’m Stephanie.


“I was born in Seoul, Korea, but don't let my yellow skin fool you. I'm as white on the inside as the next chai tea latte sippin' girl. So if you’re anything like me, grab some cold brew and take a look around! There’s nothing I love more than making friends and capturing life’s best moments!”





So he put a ring on it!

Ahhhh let’s pop that bubbly! You’ve picked the venue and the next big thing on your to do list is to hire an awesome photographer to capture it all, right? But before we schedule that coffee date, let’s talk... Shot lists and Pinterest remakes aren’t exactly my thing, but this is YOUR day and the right photographer is out there for you, that might possibly be waiting for your wedding inspo board to slide into their DMs!

I aim for your photos to reflect your beautiful and unique personalities, but in order to make that happen, we can’t exactly have our eyes glued to a shot list all day. Don’t worry though! I’ll still give some direction, but I love to step back and watch the lovey dovey stuff that naturally happens between ya’ll!


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